iTunes 9 Has A Number Of New Features

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i Tunes brings a handful of enhancements to Apple's ubiquitous media software, including an improved storefront, tools for sharing media between multiple computers, a new Genius Mixes music experience, and a more flexible system for syncing media to the i Pod or i Phone.

The companies also have deals with cable and satellite companies that would make it difficult to offer popular shows from cable channels on i Tunes.Erick Sc hon fled of Tech Crunch, who wrote the original post there this morning, points out though that there is indeed a product called "Castle Craft, Dragon Crystals "it doesn't show up in a search on the store because it's an in-game purchase.

i Tunes using a file on a remote network share."This vulnerability is triggered when a vulnerable file type is opened from within a directory controlled by the attacker," Moore explained in a blog post. "This directory can be a USB drive, an extracted archive, or a remote network share. In most cases, the user will have to browse to the directory and then open the target file type for this exploit to work."


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