Jenn Proske Auditioned For Conservatory Acting Programs

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The Jenn Proske, who graduated from Boston vampires Suck, is a spoof on the ridiculously popular, Twilight  saga written by Stephanie Meyer. But Jenn, who was a fan of the books and the movies before being cast, isn’t trying to make enemies in Hollywood by making fun of the pop culture phenomenon that is vampires - she thinks it’s a form of flattery.

She continued acting on the stage through high school, performing in everything from musicals to Shakespeare to serious dramas and comedies. During her senior year of high school, she auditioned for conservatory acting programs at numerous colleges nationwide, before making the decision to attend Boston University.

But when I got the chance to talk to Jenn Proske, the actress who plays Becca, the angst-filled teenage heroine based on the Twilight films every day for almost eight weeks while on set. When I was tired at night in my hotel, I would set the "sleep" timer on my TV, and literally go to bed with Twilight in the background!


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