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Jennifer Aniston she was ending her successful radio show. she was creation fun of people, as good as you do not consider she even suspicion prior to she spoke. To consider which people even celebrities qualification their each word,perplexing to have certain which nobody is annoyed is naïve.

The actress was speaking about her recent Harpers Baazar photo shoot at the time, when Regis asked her a question on how she got herself into the mood to embody Barbara Streisand for the photos.her Harpers Baazar Barbara Streisand print fire with Regis Philbin as good as Kristin Cruz she was asked how she got in to the mood to “embody” Streisand.

This is decidedly unlike the events centering around the Dr. Laura Schlesinger incident. In that case, Dr. Laura used the “N” word several times during one particular on air engagement with a caller last week. As a result, Dr. Laura, 63, said she would retire from radio after he contract expires.Aniston replied “I fool around dress-up. you do it for the living, similar to the retard.”


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