Jhony Damon Claimed By Tiger's No Trade Clause

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The Red Sox could use some help in the outfield, where they’ve lost both Mike Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury to season-ending injuries.Boston has waiver priority over both the Rays and Yankees.Damon played for the Red Sox from 2002-05, and played a key part in their ALCS comeback and World Series win in 2004.In 111 games in 2010, he’s hitting .270 with seven home runs and a 105 OPS .For more on this story, visit SB Nation Detroit, as well as our team blogs, Over The Monster and Bless You Boys.

We intend to repeat this process until Damon begs for death. At that point, we will exhume Babe Ruth, and tell Damon that he can go free if he fellates his mummified penis. Once he does that, we’re going to say “ha ha sucker” and then just stick him in the box with the bees and shit again.

The 36-year-old Damon played in Boston from 2002-2005 and was a big part of their World Series-winning club in 2004. with his long hair and beard, he reached cult hero status and was a big part of the “idiot” culture that defined that 2004 team. However he generally gets booed in Boston now because he went and played for the Yankees after leaving Beantown.


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