Just Watch Who'ill Survive In Survival Of The Fittest

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Competition is tough. That includes the challenges. The place is more dangerous and very wild. We have to be careful. I am looking forward to it and I am excited.

That’s why Akihiro Sato prepared mentally and physically. He had to learn survival skills. “We will be fishing for food without any equipment,” he says. “(I think) I have to be friendly and positive. I’ll just enjoy the experience and not to be strategic. I think I’ll have difficulty because they say the challenges are tougher this time around, Ahron Villena accepts the reality of a Survivor life. “I’ll just do my best. Going to an uncharted territory and living in there for 36 days will test the Castaways’ soon-to-be dampened spirits. But what perhaps scares many of them is to be eliminated first from the competition.

I don’t want to go home at all. To be eliminated first is not only embarrassing but it shows lack of experience, shares Jon. One thing I am afraid of is that if I didn’t do my best at all, says Pretty Trizia. And I did not try to do an effort of doing it. It doesn’t really matter to me whether I am returning to the Philippines first or last. What’s important is I had fun. Among the castaways who have a high chance of surviving the island life including its unpredictable weather is Doc Ferds Recio, known for his environmental advocacies. The public will put their bets on him.

While it may look at present like a desolate and barren landscape, invisible to our eyes, processes are already underway to restore the bush to its familiar beauty. A beauty that actually relies on this periodic ordeal.


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