Kat Stacks Getting Smacked Up By Some Friends Of Fabolous

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In the last scene it appears she is trying to prove it’s really him by showing us his tattoos and his face, but it’s hard to be sure it’s him. Even if it is him, she only proved he has very poor taste in women. Sorry Kat.you failed on this one. And no one respects a woman who trashes a man’s bedroom style publicly, especially when it’s obvious you were handing yourself to him on a platter.

Kat Stacks has some enemies. Of course, no one deserves to be physically assaulted EVER, at any time. But given her penchant for revealing all the dirty deets about her partners and doing everything in her power to get attention, I’m guessing this girl’s not too upset about the extra publicity.Now I feel dirty and can’t post the video. Here it is, if you must see it.

Now not only was it mentioned but they were dead serious. I really do not know what to say about this but, I mean do hip hop fans really wanna see this happen is the questions. I am sure fans of each artist would love this but what does the Hip Hop community has to say about this. Check below for the phone conversation Raekwon had with and confirmed the collabo was actually in motion already.


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