Katy Perry's next “Teenage Dream”

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It's a natural progression from 2008's One of the Boys, which made her a radio goddess. A flirty wink anchors several of the new songs, but Perry also can be woefully immature. At times, she comes off much younger than 25 - less Madonna and more Miley.

You can almost see the shine. And like any good pop song, repeat listens add to the sparkle.The title track is one of the best at capturing a fizzy sense of adolescent nostalgia, aided by fuzzy guitars and shout-worthy choruses.She doesn't seem to take anything too seriously, and you can never tell if she's in on the joke.

Mournful ballad Not Like the Movies even finds Perry channeling some Taylor Swift style angst, complete with a Snow White shout out.But another big reason for the album's magic is Perry herself. She has a booming voice, and can out-sing pop tarts like Britney Spears and Ke$ha, whose vocals are usually whispery and weak. They usually fade into the background of the album's beat. Perry's vocals not only ride with the beat, they advance it.


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