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Soulja Boy i can’t think of a better accessory for a somebody who raps like they are still in elementary school. The Highlands club in the Hollywood & Highland Center recently. The kidney stone that Hip-Hop has yet to pass aired the festivities live via Pay Per View. I have spoken to who are more concerned with making a pretty baby than finding their soul mate. Pretty, today, means light skin with long hair.

In fact, pretty often meant light skin with long hair. It is disheartening to hear things like I like him, but he’s too dark,or “I have to have a baby outside my race so my child can be beautiful.a strategy that includes releasing his album, The DeAndre Way, going on tour and then dropping his book.

Soulja Boy said he plans to follow the lead of other rappers and get into acting and movies.So I asked if he'd read a script yet. Turns out he's been reading a bunch of scripts.the kid seems to have a pretty impressive plan. You know he beat out a lot of heavyweights to make that Forbes list, and dude has his head on straight.That's what I gathered from sitting with him.


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