Lauren Bacall Will Be Having Her Turner Classic Movies

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Lauren Bacall went from a part time fashion model to one of the silver screen's most famous leading ladies.she received a Best Supporting Actress nomination, Bacall became famous co starring with Humphrey Bogart in 1940s crime thrillers and later,as his wife in real life.

Bacall reportedly practiced for months to get her voice at that low, dusky pitch for the role.It became her trademark,and eventually became her day in day out voice.Her other films with Bogart include The Big Sleep,Dark Passage,and Key Largo. Memorable titles among her many,many other movies include How to Marry a Millionaire with Marilyn Monroe,Harper with Paul Newman,

The Shootist with John Wayne,and Murder on the Orient Express with Sean Connery.It is telling the public which shows it is worth spending their money on.There are always a lot of questions and there is usually someone who tells me they saw a show and thought it was brilliant but all the critics had said it was terrible. And I say that is what it is all about because it is all opinion. The critic is the watchdog.


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