Lirr Island Railroad Burns Out

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There are no private cars allowed on the island. To get to the Grove or the Pines you must take a ferry from the Sayville ferry terminal (you can also take a water taxi, but this option has very limited service, and is very costly). The ferry terminal in Sayville has individual areas of departure to the various towns on Fire Island.

There are no paved roads going to most of the island and vehicle traffic is not permitted in summer. A plan to create a paved road across the island resulted in such resistance that it was abandoned. Over the years each of the island's seventeen communities has developed its own unique personality. Several of the villages restrict access by tourists or do all they can to be unwelcoming of tourists.

When traveling to MacArthur airport on the sunrise highway, get off at Exit 51, within a short distance on the service road the road forks to the right and it becomes Route 450 for the Veterans Highway. Traveling approximately 2 miles you will see a large overhead sign just prior to the entrance to the airport at which time you turn right onto Johnson Avenue into the main airport.


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