Manila Ploice Take Wrong Steps For The Victims In Buddhist Monks Led

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He was also able to conduct an interview with a local radio station during the siege, and warned the police that he would kill the hostages if they did not pull back.It's a win-win situation for us because we will both benefit, Cruz said. The cooking oil of their Makati stores will be re-used and the Makati police will use it as a component for their biodiesel and also save money.

Every one this know a petty thief was being beaten I work with a juvenile detention center where with a phone book.  I’ve heard many stories of violence, torture, even rape. The only difference is that, this time, the scene was caught on camera, so the policemen involved will be held accountable.

His problem was he was unjustly removed from service. There was no due process, no hearing, no complaint," he said. Gregorio Mendoza earlier told a local television station that his brother was upset by his treatment and dismissal from the force.


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