Manila Police On France 24 Covering International Collaborative Site

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Its should have been constant if ten policemen must have to die, they have to die in that assault. Reporters tell he is critical and powerful tentative assault of the stop-go negotiations and launched after gunshots rang out from inside the bus, adding that the police should have disabled the TV monitor early on.

The Mendoza that blinded to the seriousness of the situation. There was also speculation that police officers used to a culture of graft and favoritism might have had a level of sympathy for Mr. Mr. Mendoza claimed that he had not been given a fair shake as he fought the charges of extortion and that he only wanted the chance to be heard.

The Police man is failed calmed to the down & hear him out hostage taker. The police men assigned to hostage taking appeared to lack modern weapons end the and communication equipment, and as a result were hesitant to attack the gunman, who was armed with an assault rifle.


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