Marco Rubio Admitted The $34,000 In Expenses Reported

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Rubio is Florida's former House Speaker. He has led many of the Republican polls over the last 18-months.During that time he's faced lesser known Republican opponents in his bid to get the party nod.He attended Tarkio College in Missouri for one year on a football scholarship before transferring to Santa Fe Community College and then graduating in 1993 with a bachelor of science from the University of Florida.

Every single thing Marco Rubio did was in accordance with both the letter and spirit, not only of Florida law, but of the policies and practices of the Republican Party of Florida, said Rubio campaign adviser Todd Harris, though he admitted the $34,000 in expenses should have been reported.

 I hope Congress and the Obama Administration will use the Arizona legislation not as an excuse to try and jam through amnesty legislation, but to finally act on border states’ requests for help with security and fix the things about our immigration system that can be fixed right now securing the border,reforming the visa and entry process, and cracking down on employers who exploit illegal immigrants.


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