Maria LauterBach Mother Of Unborn Baby Was Badly Killed

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ruAn inoccent Girl who was becoming a mother was badly killed by man having no heart no feelings. Lauterbach, eight and a half months pregnant at the time of her disappearance in December, had accused a fellow officer of sexual assault, and was set to testify in the case against Cpl Cesar Armando Lauren, 21. Lauren has been missing from Camp Lejeune since an estimated time of 4 a.m. today, Friday, January 11, and base authorities feel he has gotten an approximate eight hour start ahead of an organized manhunt.

n intern working in a North Carolina district attorney's office has been arrested for trying to sell confidential files related to the murder of pregnant Marine Maria Lauterbach for an "astronomical" fee. Robert Paul Sharpe, a former Marine himself, was charged with embezzlement and misdemeanor larceny for taking the files.

Authorities found Lauterbach's body after Laurean's wife, Christina,
produced a note her husband had written claiming the 20-year-old woman slit her own throat during an argument, according to officials. Although a gaping 4-inch wound was found on the left side of. Lauterbach's neck, autopsy results indicated that the wound itself would not have been fatal and may have occurred after death.

Court records show that on the day she died in December 2007, Lauterbach left a note to her roommate saying she was tired of Marine life, bought a bus ticket to El Paso, Texas, and then went to Laurean's home to demand money for herself and her unborn child.

Marine officials believed that Lauterbach had left Camp Lejeune voluntarily and believed she would eventually turn up back home in Ohio. Three days later, Onslow County authorities became involved in the case when Lauterbach's mother reported her missing.badly


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