Mary Kennedy For Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs

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Kerry Kennedy, RFK Jr.'s sister, wrote that she and Mary Kennedy are inseparable friends who met when they were both 15-year-olds attending a New England boarding school together. She described her as a "dutiful citizen, a dedicated mother, an insightful counselor" and said, "When I look at my three daughters, my wish for them is that they are as blessed as I have been to have a companion, a confidant, a friend, like Mary Richardson.

It is frightening to think about how many people drive drunk every day and never get caught. It's truly just a matter of millimeters and seconds that differentiates this incident from horrific tragedies that leave behind innocent victims those maimed and killed at the hands of drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.Kennedy was issued traffic tickets and ordered to appear in court.

During the proceeding, Town Justice Kevin J. Quaranta advised Kennedy and Lawrence that he would treat the case like any other DWI case before asking the defendant to surrender her drivers license.Kennedy failed the field sobriety test and was given a breathalyzer test, which showed that she had a blood alcohol content of .11. She was taken into police custody, processed and released on her recognizance. Her car was towed away from the scene.


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