Michael Jordan His Various Gambling Issues And Base Boll Player

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The challenge of going to Charlotte and playing for Michael again and getting to play for Larry Brown, a great teacher, will be good for him," Bartlestein said. "They spent a lot of time recruiting him.The greatest player of all time in one sport submits himself to the gauntlet that mere mortal athletes have to go through daily.

Having failed, his return to the NBA is all the more remarkable, and a testament not only to his talent but his enormous will.Shelton says he went into the project thinking what a lot of people thought at the time that this weird decision was probably rooted in Jordan's arrogance, and his various gambling issues.

But after a year or more of talking to the people who were in Birmingham in 1994, he has a totally different view.Neither is an elite player. Jeff was a one-time walk-on and defensive specialist at Illinois, while Marcus averaged 8.0 points per game at UCF as a freshman. But still, if only for public relations purposes, having both sons of the greatest basketball player at your program is undeniably unique. And, in its own way, pretty cool.


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