MIcheal Jackson Case Closed

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Reporters Anita Vogel and Adam Housley are covering the expected family funeral and the public memorial in Los Angeles for Fox News, and may also be joining us with live reports on Strategy Room. At 2pm, I’ll head over to FOX News Radio, where I will join host Todd Starnes to discuss the performances, the attendees, and more.

Authorities have accused Murray of administering a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol to Jackson in the bedroom of the singer's rented mansion. They waved to fans who were allowed into the courtroom wearing T-shirts seeking justice for the pop singer.

There’s no doubt the death of Michael Jackson contributed to higher news ratings last summer, particularly for CNN. But the way the article is written, it makes it seem that all of CNN’s summer declines can be attributed to coverage of Michael Jackson’s death last summer. That’s definitely not the case.


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