Mike Singletray Contributed With Two Fumble Recoveries

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That I really want the thing guys to understand is the battle, said Singletary. When you begin to talk about being a great team, about being a championship team, there are some things you need that you can’t even explain what they are. You just know it and you just feel it.

The Bears’ league-leading defense held the Patriots to a record low seven yards rushing, while the hard-charging Singletary contributed with two fumble recoveries. Mike was the cornerstone of the Bears’ innovative 46-defense. He had 13 tackles and a sack in the playoffs leading up to the Bears’ 46-10 defeat of the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX.

They Mike's source of strength and conviction. Whatever I do in life, the ministry and the Bible will always be with me, He explains. The ministry-that is me. The Bible always will be the most important factor in my life.


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