Mila Kunis Undeniably Slams Plastic Surgery Rumors

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The Oscar nominated actress, plays the part of a New York ballerina, who forms a rivalry with fellow ballerina Lily, essayed by Kunis.The thrills are heightened by the idea that neither Port man, nor the movie goer, is fully aware of whether the Kunis's ill-intentions towards Port man are imagined or real.But the stars' chemistry is undeniably real in this scene.

She’s always been easy on the eyes, so when rumors began to circulate that Mila Kunis had undergone plastic surgery.she was quick to quash them.The two will face off and will be engaged in a twisted friendship and stiff competition between the veteran ballerina, Nina Portman and the equally talented newcomer, Lily.

The movie will showcase a battleground of good and the evil.This particular scene between these two girls has become a hot topic in the Hollywood these days, ever since the release of its poster. The two actresses have put their best to give perfection to this steamy scene. Their unmatchable onscreen chemistry is very captivating.


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