Miss Universe 2010 Beauty Contestants Last Night's Pageant Held In Las Vegas

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The collaborative album which will be released on September 21 contains covers of classic songs from the '60s and '70s including Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes' "Wake Up Everybody. The appearance at Miss Universe 2010 is a good promo for their upcoming joint project.

She said that the tragedy came first before the religion and to show respect to the ones who have lost their lives in the unfortunate incident, the mosque plan should have been scrapped. Rima getting eliminated even before making to the semi-final stage. Recently Rima said that building the controversial mosque near the Ground Zero would be an insensitive.

The Miss universe, but she's certainly one of the most hardcore Star Wars. But if they dolled up Sandra Bullock's schlocky FBI agent for "Miss Congeniality, I don't see why Aurra can't get a makeover, either. Through sheer badassery and a nice makeup job, Aurra finishes with a respectable fifth place medal.

The introductions featured 83 contestants and then poof, Within moments, only 15 were left. So if you were a smart cookie who is never allowed to eat a cookie, you knew that a sultry open-mouth gasp was the best way to make your mark and appear on PopWatch the next day. It’s important, though, to recognize the night’s complete range of talents. Below, a tribute to the fallen heroes, in ascending order of ridiculousness.


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