Miss Universe 2010 Crowning Moment Confidently Strutted

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Miss Universe New York Film Academy with housing after her reign is complete, plus jewelry, and shoes and a new wardrobe. Miss Universe Lupita Jones of Mexico won the title in 1991. Navarrete’s title comes with a package of prizes including an undisclosed salary, a luxury New York apartment with living expenses, a one-year scholarship.

Earlier, she smiled in a violet bikini as she confidently strutted across the stage on the Las Vegas Strip. As Jimena Navarrete of Guadalajara walked during the evening gown competition, her one-strap dress billowed behind her like a sheet.

Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps, 19-year-old Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell, 23-year-old Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska and 22-year-old Miss Philippines Venus Raj who finished second to fifth in respective order. Should she be unable to perform her duties, first runner-up Miss Jamaica will assume her duties.

Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska and Miss Philippines Venus Raj were at the third and fourth runner-up respectively. Miss Albania Angela Martini, Miss Guatemala Jessica Scheel, Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell, Miss Puerto Rico Mariana Paola Vicente and Miss South Africa Nicole Flint.
Miss Congeniality, landed on the second runner-up.

Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell was announced as this year’s second runner-up.  There were a total of 84 contestants in this year’s pageant, but Miss Mexico fought off the competition to be crowned this year’s winner. Do you think the right winner was chosen.


  1. I think the question asked to Miss Philippines can be answered within 30 seconds. I mean, throwing a personal question like that needs a lot of thinking. Other contestants were asked current issues, Miss Philippines had a hard time answering that question but still managed to deliver a thought that came from her heart -- she believed that no problem was greater than the love her family gave her. Miss Philippines should've won the title.


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