Motorola MB520 Kobe Seems To Be An Android Smartphone Headed To AT&T

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Motorola Kobe or Motorola MB520 is leaked out and here is full details about this phone, Motorola MB520 Kobe is running on Android OS and it has 3.5? 480 x 854 LCD screen, 800MHz TI OMAP processor.The MB520 will also include Swype and DLNA, both of which are becoming standard inclusions on Motorola’s Android handsets. As an added bonus, the Motorola Kobe will also include Vlingo which is a nice addition for voice control users on Android 2.1.

Internally,it’s also being called “Diablo”, but there’s still no retail name available just yet.Speaking of retail availability, there’s still no word on release date,but as I said the other day it’s bound for AT&T.Motorola flagship phone but it’s certainly proves that Motorola is definitely ready to bring hot Android device to AT&amp,T too.

And that’s probably bound to happen as soon as Verizon starts selling the i Phone as I assume that both Motorola and AT&T will want to counter such a device.The carrier is getting ready to offer its customers a powerful Android device coming all the way from Motorola, which, by now, has proven itself in the Android ways.The Kobe is the name of the device heading to AT&amp,T and its Motorola codename seems to be MB520.


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