Muslim states Pledge $1 billion to Pakistan

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Secretary-general of the organization of the Islamic conference Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said that "the fellow states have pledged for a sum of nearly $ 1 billion of aid to Pakistan for the flood affected people never the less the comity also reached on the agreement of setting up an organization to coordinate with the relief operations".

Secretary general also said that this is not s sufficient amount and Pakistan needs many multiples of these amounts as the scenario is getting darker and dangerous by every passing day be it the evacuation of the victims or the medication and shelter issues.children like always are the most affected by the catastrophe where it becoms nearly impossible for the medical aid to reach til them.

The sewer water which came along with the flood is causing inflammation where as the hospitals being limited attended just one and for those who were lucky enough to receive medical attention are still in danger of catching many disease as the dirty water and potable water are mixed and sanitary infrastructure totally devastated.

Many people who have moved to unknown area haveing no idea at all what could be better for them or the worst case scenario.


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