Natalie Morales Pushed Distance With Her Husband

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She will not be covering all the fall events the political conventions this summer or the Olympics she is already thinking about her post-maternity leave stories. I'm inspired to do all the getting-fit-after-the-baby segments.

They press on, you mean you saw people running around with guns and shooting each other. He says, yes, all the time. To which his friends reply, Cool. Teenagers, perhaps, but they could not know at the time all that he did to survive, to be able to be in the hallways of a New York city high school. What a faraway land that war seemed.

The Marriage Ref was from the first episode with the husband who stuffed his dead dog. While being on the show has definitely entertained her, it’s also helped her in her own marriage. It makes you look at your own arguments and be like, ‘Honey, at least we’re not fighting about something like that, Morales says. She says that in her opinion the secret to a successful marriage is give and take.


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