Nate Davis, Bogut, Jefferson, And Redd Will Be In Good Shape

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The fact that the top-rated Buck is 70th in the NBA is troubling; more context on that point is forthcoming. Perhaps worse is that the team's top-rated player is coming off the bench. He's averaging a very respectable 31.6 minutes per game, but keep in mind that total doesn't include the first two games of the year when he didn't even suit up.

The big three should be in the prime of their careers, ranging in age from 24-29. As such, we should be optimistic that they are only going to improve as the season progresses. If Bogut,Jefferson, and Redd improve, and Sessions becomes the fourth best player on the team, Milwaukee will be in good shape.

To Smith's credit, he did say that tight end Vernon Davis ran a fine route. Davis found himself open in the first quarter. Smith threw behind him for an incompletion, instead of leading him which would have probably resulted in a touchdown.


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