Ndamukong Suh Nearly Rips Jake Delhomme's Head Off During The Lions Browns Game

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That he kept his ridiculous aggressiveness at the NFL level well, that wasn't a surprise, either. Suh has outstanding strength and technique, but what sets him apart is the need to dominate on the field he displayed this against Texas when he threw Colt McCoy(notes) a good 5 yards on one of his sacks.

So he decided to get all he could out of the penalty. Unfortunately for Jake Delhomme, that meant nearly having his head ripped off in the process.If he did that to Brett Favre or Tom Brady, he’d definitely be? ejected, fined and suspended” comments one viewer. Many felt it was nothing more than a penalty. “Delhomme looked like a rag doll. Its a penalty, but nothing more.” Others contend the means by which Suh effectuated the play was dirty “that was a dirty play.

Suh capped off a dominant senior season with an all-time performance in the Big 12 Championship, picking up 4½ sacks against Texas in a near-upset.In contrast, Lions players justify it as an error lacking any intent to cause harm, they assert Suh just messed up and truly believed Delhomme still had the ball. Mangini agreed that Suh didn’t do it on purpose but that the play did put the safety of Delhomme at risk. Delhomme’s position on the matter is more relaxed.


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