The Neato XV-11 Robotic All Floor Vacuum Cleaner, Smart And Powerful

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In preparation we steadfastly refused to sweep up a single flake of dust, going on something of a cleaning strike until the thing finally hit retail. Of course, that wait was supposed to be a mere three month affair, and we've certainly gone that long without vacuuming before. The further six months of delays, however, left us questioning our resolve as En gadget HQ became less and less livable.

It didn't miss a single room and, when it had covered every square foot, it immediately shut off its vacuum and took a direct path straight home to its charging stand swerving to evade an errant puppy along the way. That said, it did fail to return home twice, once getting stuck between some chairs and another time managing to close the door on itself in a room.

Neato’s XV-11, which started shipping last month, may be “smarter’’ than any Rumba. It looks great, for example, as it circles most of the obstacles it encounters around the has a laser detection system built-in, so if it’s in the middle of a job and needs to go back to the charging station, it will go back, get charged and then go right back to the place it left off to complete the job.


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