New Material For Her Debut Album Lady Gaga

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The last time she came to Vancouver, in December 2009, she headlined three sold-out shows at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and made it a bit of a nightmare for the media to catch what she was up to.Gaga was mutating, moving from a larval pop state that would culminate in the global apotheosis that followed, emerging from her cocoon to headline a stadium tour that will have her rake in close to $200 million.

Gaga's show is not going to be a simple string-along of dance numbers. Instead, the stage was revealed to be an elaborate musical theatre set reminding us of New York City, with staircases, neon signs and a broken down yellow taxi, its stranded passengers trying to "get to the Monster Ball." Cue Glitter and Grease.

She began her career as a songwriter for some of pop music’s biggest stars, including Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and New Kids on the Block, as well as American singer and producer Akon. After Akon recognized that Gaga also had vocal talent, he signed her to a joint deal with his own label, Kon Live Distribution, and then she started to work on her own new material for her debut album.


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