A New Video Of Trapped Chilean Miners Sending Greetings To Their Families

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Mr Bustos looked to northern Chile, where mines dot the barren lunar landscape. Two months later he found his way to the San Jose mine, one of hundreds of mid-size operations digging into the rocky, red earth in search of copper, gold and other minerals.The men were told on Wednesday it could take up to four months to rescue them. Workers are due to start drilling an escape shaft today, which could take that long to complete.

Engineers could also try to widen an existing tunnel which may get them out in two months.They were cut off from the outside world for 17 days until Sunday, when rescuers successfully sank a narrow borehole down to their shelter after seven failed attempts.Experts were also studyzing trying to reach the miners through a combination of air ducts and cleared tunnels, but warned that could be slow and dangerous.

The hole will likely end up several hundred yards (meters) from their living area in the mine's shelter, giving the men room to maneuver and store the rocks, he added.Sougarret declined to estimate how long the work would take, saying it would depend on how each step went.But when speaking about their wives and children, many broke down."I'm sending my greetings to Angelica.


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