Nigeria Children Disclosed In A Statement Faced By Challenges

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The lead muppets yellow fur matches the dandelion on her vest are Kami, whose and Zobi, who resembles a mint-green shag carpet. Kami is an orphan with HIV who explains blood safety to children through her own story. Zobi, whose yellow cab lacks an engine, teaches by ineptness, getting entangled in a mosquito net while explaining malaria prevention.

The high rate of deaths among nursing mothers, pregnant women and children especially during the Ramadan period is a consequence of the fact that they are groups of people that are excused from fasting, meaning the death would have been higher. The Teaching Hospital disclosed in a statement sequel to the outbreak.

Produced and voiced by Nigerians in formal if squeaky English, the show aims to educate a country nearly half of whose 150 million people are 14 or younger. Its issues focus on the same challenges faced by children in a country where many have to work instead of going to school AIDS, malaria nets, gender equality and yams, a staple of Nigerian meals.


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