Nokia X6 Distinct Improvements Over Its Predecessor

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This is a Nokia  was a touch screen phone that could be purchased either by itself, or with the all-you-can-eat music download service thrown in. This is a music phone arena is relatively new compared to Sony Ericsson.  Its successor is the Nokia X6, which has some distinct improvements over its predecessor in terms of its screen, storage size, build quality and form factor.

There are hardly any buttons to be found as the 3.2-inch touchscreen is capacitive, theoretically making a physical keyboard redundant. There is a wealth of features besides. A whopping of internal storage and an FM radio make it tempting for entertainment even before you consider Nokia's intriguing Comes With Music service.

The phone is worth a look and many users who have purchased it are quite happy with the results and have shared that they would definitely urge others who are perhaps a bit hesitant to buy this model by Nokia too. The launch of the Nokia X series certainly created a wave among many and it was thought to be a classic touch to the new age era of technology.


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