Philippine Crisis Sobering Example Of People In Nations Outside Anglo American

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They were carrying out ballistic tests to determine if their commandos we are examining the firearms used in the assault, including the 200 firearms used by the assault team," national police spokesman Senior Superintendent Agrimero Cruz told AFP.

They just about every Filipino citizen has heard the tapesdamage is done . The derision is so extensive, that the "Hello, Garci" call has been made into a popular cell phone ring tone. Arroyo, however, has only apologized for a lapse in judgment. Her attorneys and supporters have argued that the wiretaps were illegally obtained therefore inadmissible as evidence.

The continue to careen towards an abyss of suffering Filipino working masses, who and pauperization. The bourgeois parliamentary opposition along with their petty-bourgeois left covers are trying to divert this class hostility into the dead end of another popular-front people power fraud.


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