A President Having No Self Respect

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President Asif Ali Zardari was giving a speech for some funds for pakistan and suddenly a man comes with a shoes in his hands and through it towards the President of Pakistan.

By this everyone seems to be really shoked that what just happend although that shoes didnt touch Asif Zardari but what makes that man through his shoes in front of media in front of many other big people's of U.K and on the President of Pakistan.

This seems that surely  the man who throughed his shoes on the President's face has some bad habbits and he's of a nature that the man throughs his shoes on his face.

When interview has taken that man said " I am not afraid of this type of leader's and what he did with Pakistan he deserves more of it" like there is no respect for the President like he was not the President of Pakistan He's something else but everyone is supporting that man.


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