Redskins Not Afraid of Mcnabb Injury

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Donovan Mcnabb the main player of the redskins, was not talking the practice, as on Tuesday Kyle Shanahan Coordinator, told Mcnabb to practice early this week, but still the team believe the on Sept 12 match Opener vs. Dallas the Quaterback McNabb will return.

Phillip Daniels, Redskins end: "I would be surprised, knowing him, if he doesn't play. I have confidence in Rex Grossman. I played with him in Chicago. But I play defense. My job is to stop people. If we stop (the Cowboys), they can't win."

It seems to be Redkins are just not worry about the ankle injury of their main player MCNabb and they are pretty sure that he will return and practice himself to defeat the early upcoming match.

Artis Hicks, Redskins guard: "He's a fighter, and he has played with bumps and bruises before. But every injury is different. I know he's doing everything he can to get himself ready. We have a great training staff here, giving him every opportunity to get back for Week 1. If he can't make it back, Rex (Grossman) has been doing great job making decisions with the ball. As long as we give the quarterback time to sit back and pick defenses apart, we'll be alright."


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