Rima Fakih Wins Miss U S A 2010 Competition

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The contestants of Miss USA 2010 have traded in their tiaras and ball gowns for lingerie and sultry looks. Pageant officials say the photos of this year's contenders are 'tasteful,' but some loyal fans think the images are too risque.

It is an event called Stripper 101 where they bring together women who are the 95th caller to learn how to dance and feel sexy as a self esteem booster. She said the pictures were taken at 8AM in the morning too. She said that particular event helped her feel more comfortable getting on stage.

the stage in her white, floor-length evening gown but quickly regained her composure. You can see a video of the stumble here. During the interview portion of the competition, she said that she believed birth control should be paid for by health insurance.


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