Robert Pattinson Going Out With Kristen Stewart For A Tour

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The most shocking news in the entertainment, if it is true we have got to know from some unknown sources that Robert and Kristen is going out for a tour, it was said both were happy on this ? is this a friends tour, or only two of them are going, it is yet not confirmed but we are working hard to find the details.

Recently a source told us the tour is a film tour for a new film set in which Robert and Kristen will be guest star and the reason for talking them as a guest star is, because the film is a parody of mix horror film's so the director requested them to give special appearance, and there is no personal connection or other reason for Kristien and Robert to go out for a tour.

How much true is in it ? it might be a complete rumor or as the second source told us it might be a film set tour in which they are casting as guest celeb, however it might be a good excuse to avoid the conflict will be grow in the media, because they are already in the hands of rumors, I am sure they don't want them to caught once again.

Wait for the right evidence to come and we will be the first to disclose them ! Either they are going on a friend tour trip or just both of them, or might be a new film set, what ever it is don't worry we will let you know, for the meanwhile you can comment below about this.


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