Roger Clemens Is Very Confident About His Day In Court

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Clemens, the seven-time winner of Major League Baseball’s Cy Young Award, was indicted last week on charges that he lied to Congress in 2008 when he said Brian McNamee, his trainer, did not inject him with steroids and human growth hormone (HGH).

The Mitchell report was released at the behest of Bud Selig, the baseball commissioner, and not Congress.That was sports at its best, surely. A day for honorable ballplayers, not corrupt multimillionaires. A day untainted by cheating or dishonesty. A game reduced to a pitcher, a batter and a single pitch and the crackle of a radio man shouting “the Giants win the pennant.

Cheating be it like Tiger Woods or John Edwards infidelity sense, or with PEDs in the Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens sense is understandable when you look at the aggressiveness of these men.The cheating may lead to certain consequences, however the cover-up really torpedo these guys.


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