Rolando Mendoza's Manila Hostage Scene A Bus Hijacking Of Philippines Tourists

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Mendoza was a decorated police officer who faced accusations of chef Christian Kalaw. Kala w had claimed Mendoza and the other officers had forced him to swallow methamphetamine hydrochloride.Mendoza has faced loss of his complete retirement benefits and banishment fro being able to hold any governmental job.

Mendoza had boarded the bus in a tourist district of Manila, telling the driver he wanted a free ride.During the siege, which was broadcast live on TV, Mendoza's police officer brother was among the negotiators who secured the release of nine people from the bus leaving 15 hostages on board.The driver managed to escape.But as police prepared to move in, the gunman-became agitated and told a local radio station he would kill the remaining hostages.

Despite hopes that negotiations might bring the standoff to a peaceful conclusion, tensions escalated as night closed in. Police said they stormed the bus after they saw Mendoza open fire on hostages. Moments before the commandos moved in, the Filipino driver fled. Police officer Roderick Mariano cited him as saying Mendoza had opened fire at the tourists.At least seven hostages are believed to have left the vehicle alive, including a mother and her three children, a man with diabetes and two photographers.


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