Ron Paul Battles With Rand Paul Debate On Ground Zero Mosque

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Ron Paul, R-Texas - against son - Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul. On his website, Ron Paul sharply rebuked the stance taken by conservative critics, including his son, who pay "lip service" to property rights yet oppose the proposed Islamic community center and mosque.The elder Paul has weighed in with his support for the mosque project. Ron Paul emphasized the powerful argument of property rights.

They've already scheduled a "money bomb" for Rand on August 20 in honor of Rand Paul's birthday. Money bombs when supporters arranged a date for a mass donation online were a hit during the elder Paul's presidential run. Rand is open to recycling other ideas, too. "We love the idea of the blimp," he tells us. "They can bring the blimp back, by all means.

Rand Paul's criticism of those who exploit the pain of the great terrorist attack to foment the latest form of the politics of hate is a profile in courage and is an example of patriotism of the highest order.
However, there are political exploiters , Newt Gingrich being one, a Republican politician in New York who Hillary Clinton obliterated when she ran against him for the Senate being another, who are playing the politics of hate.


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