Samsung Epic 4g Arrival Confirmed

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If you don't feel like using the physical keyboard, you have even more options on the touchscreen. You can use the TouchWiz keyboard, the Swype keyboard or the native Android keyboard. I found the display quite responsive and big enough to comfortably type on.

According to insiders, the difference between the Droid 2 and the original Droid is not much. Droid made its appearance in the industry last year only. Since then it has not looked behind.

Don't drink the Koolaid, do some of your own research, because you will find out that CNET is not always right. They are they best and I look to them all the time, but they are human. I have the HTC EVO and I love it! And I looked at enough reviews on this phone, to know that it going to be a WINNER.

The Epic 4G will arrive Tuesday, August 31st for $249.99 on contract (after $150 instant rebate and $100 mail-in rebate). Oddly enough, we've gotten a number of screencaps from readers who see an August 20th date, one that coincides with an upcoming Epic 4G promo we caught wind of, but the press release definitively lists the 31st.


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