Samsung Galaxy S Is Rise To The Challenge

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The T-Mobile particularly now that Nexus One sales are winding down. Do they rise to the challenge, Let's have a look. Beyond their simple appeal as sexy. In other words if 1GHz processors and high-res AMOLED displays are how you roll, these are basically the only game in town if you're on AT&amp, T or

The only tedious aspect to the whole operation is the need to issue a DD command to copy the file containing unlock codes to the removable memory card. No, there are both Windows and Mac OS X applications that take care of the nitty gritty.

This doesn't make it completely unmanageable and it certainly isn't on the same level as the Dell Streak, but it is pushing the limits of what we call a sensible size for everyday use. At 9.9mm thin, it should at least have minimal impact on the line of your trousers or jacket.


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