Samsung Wave Carrier Networks In The United States

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Most of the wave's menu navigation uses familiar on-screen gestures social Hub's synchronised calendar lets you integrate events from all your online accounts into one convenient display. That is integrates contact information from all your online accounts, so you can find your contacts easily and select the best way to communicate.

This is a similar to a generic menu, but just laid out over an additional three home screens and features things like Twitter, Facebook, Address Book, Email and Settings. Switching between the two screen modes is very simple, you simply press the Wave’s main button Call and End-Call button. The first, features five home screens where live widgets, such as the FT and The Register can be stored.

The is a smartphone quadband world phone, but the current model's 3G bands are not compatible with 3G carrier networks in the United States. The Samsung App Store is presently live in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Singapore, Germany, Brazil, and China. During 2010 an additional 50 countries should follow.


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