Sara Saco Vertiz Immediately Admonished For Actions By Just Everybody

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They has immediately admonished for his actions by just about everybody who saw them. In the case you aren't familiar with the story, Sara's ex dodged a foul ball at Minute Maid Park and it struck her in the arm.

They were asked about the ball experience and whether it was the reason why they had separated. The Early Show this morning. Both of them looked alright and laughing and they stated that the reason for them to separate is not the ball but the people who saw the video believe that it was really a matter of concern and it must be the reason for them to break up.

The reality, though, was quite different from what he said. When the ball came, Bo, instead of getting in the way of the ball to protect Saco-Vertiz, ducked out of the way and the foul ball smashed into the lady's elbow.


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