Sara Saco Vertiz Revealed That The Foul Ball Off The Bat Of Astros

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The two appeared together on the Early Show this morning, but that's the only thing they do together now. Since the foul ball incident, the couple has ended things. But, according to her, it wasn't the famous baseball incident that ended things. Saco Vertiz said: "It's not over because of the ball".

Sara Saco Vertiz previously said on "The Early Show" that the pair didn't break up because Wyble let a foul ball hit her at a Houston Astros game.Perhaps she started rethinking the relationship when he showed up with his cap swung to the side. As for exactly what happened when the ball came at them and clipped her in the elbow at Minute Maid Park, Wyble said he thought she'd duck out of the way.

CBS’ Harry Smith spoke with the couple this morning where Sara Saco Vertiz revealed that the foul ball off the bat of Astros third baseman Chris Johnson that hit her was not that painful.

“Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Okay, I have a high pain tolerance. So, it wasn’t too bad. It was like a 6 on the scale,” explained Ms. Saco Vertiz.She added that its over between them partly because of Bo Wyble’s lack of chivalry saying,“Alright. Well, I mean it’s not over because of the ball.”


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