Searches Start's Again For Reagen Legacy And Stem Cell

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Reagan explains her dustup with her husband’s chief of staff Don Regan, calling him “really a terrible man.” She says Vice President Bush was the one who told her, “You’ve really got to do something about Donald Regan,” and she reluctantly agreed. She enlisted former Democratic National Committee chairman Bob Strauss to help persuade the president. She also says that on one occasion, Regan hung up on her in the middle of a phone conversation. “When Ronnie found out about that, that did it.

President Reagan's widow, former First Lady Nancy Reagan, has been an outspoken proponent in favor of embryonic stem cell research because of its promising medical potential. Her advocacy has reinvigorated the call for expanded research in this field.

Moments after Ron Reagan had completed his “nonpartisan” speech recommending (though he did not say so) cloning for purposes of embryonic stem cell research, I was channel surfing on my minimal cable package in search of comment on the speech. For my sins I landed on MSNBC, where Campbell Brown was interviewing (on the convention floor) Rep. Diana DeGette, a Democrat from Colorado.


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