Shanna Moakler Makes Charity Of Her Wining Prize

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Shanna Moakler can we repudiate which happiness which we gifted upon which day to alternative vital tellurian beings, You should be abashed of yourself In a way, Moakler has gotten a final giggle in this feud.

Whether or not that story is valid, insiders say Travis just wants to focus on his music and his children. Barker confronted Moakler about her rumored affair with Gerard Butler, which supposedly took place when he was in the hospital recovering from the aforementioned accident.

The prize money was for the charity of her choice and she will choose that where she wants to give the amount for the charity. She chose the children’s burn foundation for the prize amount. The prize amount could have been bigger as she also had a chance of winning one million dollars for the charity; she could have won this by throwing quarters in an empty jug placed at a distance from her.


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