Shnna Moaker Make Carrie Peajen Die Down

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How can you deny that joy that you experienced on that day to other living human beings. You should be ashamed of yourself In a way, Moakler has gotten the last laugh in this feud.A federal judge in San Francisco struck down Proposition 8 as unconstitutional this week, ending California’s ban on homosexual marriages.

Keith Lewis, director of the Miss United States with California and says Shana to us, bought the picture Carey Waterford Crystal frame from their wedding. We have a cat, but in pure anti-fashion, go to the window with the image photographed Shana to fill the Do not H8 campaign against the ban on gay marriage given.

Taken to hospital after being found unconscious in the chaos drunkard, was supposed to die of a heart attack. Again, studies, seems to have been beaten or kicked to death and that one or many of children killed by a loving husband and father.


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