Smart Phone Is Now The Battle Between Android, Droid, Froyo, Iphone And Galaxy

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you use it as an organizer, an e-mail device, a cell phone, or all of the above, getting a smartphone is a smart move. See our top five picks for these phone PDA hybrids we've picked one for each major carrier, as well as one unlocked smartphone. Apple introduced the Macintosh, showing the world how an intuitive computing interface should work. Then as now, Apple kept things proprietary and locked down.

Microsoft, on the other hand, opened up to everyone, allowing its inferior product to gain acceptance simply because it was everywhere.Smart phones are high end mobile devices providing faster access to data connections such as e-mail and Internet browsing than so called feature phones,Subscribers usually pay more for mobile data services, translating into higher average revenue per user (ARPU) for operators keen to make up for flat or declining earnings growth from feature phones.

So, before we identify how to find the best smart phone for you, let's start by splitting mobile phones into three categories that define what they're capable of: dumb phones, feature phones, and of course smart phones.Most can play simple games, double up as a digital camera and act as a basic MP3 player, but web browsing and email are also offers. Few feature phones excel in any of these areas though, since they're phones first and everything else second, so those extras are really only suited to occasional use.


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