Soha Ali Khan Waxing MMS Video Downoad Hits more than Billions

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The video has been shot in two parts and it shows her before she goes for the waxing and after she gets naked and wears a towel to get waxed. Some comments made between the beauty salon assistant and Soha was also caught on tape, and it seemed quite licentious and suggestive to the audience. Also, the actress was totally unaware of her being filmed and she was at ease with the whole session. The actress was caught on tape chatting and getting waxes.

Soha Ali Khan This bold actress is trapped in an MMS scandal. It is reported that during her routine bikini waxing session in a beauty salon, her naked body was caught in a hidden camera.The video shows her getting undressed and wearing a towel and after some time the salon attendant waxes her bare body.

It is reported that the video was shot without the knowledge of the actress, as she seemed to be very comfortable during the waxing session. The video has been shot in two parts; 'before' and 'after' the waxing session.Of course this incident would damage the reputation of the actress but people who have a brain would know instantly that the scandal isn’t her fault, it’s just the fault of a horny animal who doesn’t respect women at all.

Update: Some Reports Are Just arrive stating that it was just a rumor about this young beautiful rising star to creat negative image of her.


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