South Korea Has Offered $US8.4 Million In Emergency Aid To North Korea

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North Korea has test-fired missiles and detonated a nuclear device, drawing United Nations sanctions. But it has recently begun reaching out for talks with the United States and South Korea.The North's northern region bordering China and its eastern provinces, forcing thousands from their homes and putting farmland under water.The United States expanded financial sanctions against the North amid signs that the isolated state, under intense economic pressure stemming from international condemnation for its provocations, is hoping for an early resumption of arms talks.

The explosion which sank the vessel was probably caused by a North Korean torpedo. Pyongyang has repeatedly denied any involvement in the incident.Thousands of people have been evacuated from the affected areas, the North's state-run Korean Central News Agency reported last week.The International Red Cross estimated the death toll at 14, while the Seoul-based relief group Good Friends put the numbers at 32 dead and 38 missing.

U.S. officials hope the measures, which target North Korean entities that trade in conventional arms and luxury products and that counterfeit U.S. currency, will also sharpen pressure on the North's leader Kim Jong-il to abandon his nuclear programmes. North Korea did not specify the size or items when it asked for humanitarian assistance,” said Chun Hae-sung, a spokesman of the Unification Ministry, responsible for South Korea’s dealings with the North.Regarding additional assistance, there is nothing we’re considering.


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